April 15, 2012

This year has been busy for us, though you may not think so from outward appearances. We've been working on several internal game projects and some external contracts. We'll keep you posted!

- Mean Jellybean

July 1, 2011

We took a short break from working on the new game to give you an important feature on Super Bride and Groom. We have just added a global high scores list, so that you can compete with your friends.

- Mean Jellybean

June 21, 2011

It's happening! Today we are officially launching our first game, Super Bride and Groom. Go check it out; it's free for you to play. Please bear with us if you hit any bumps along the way. It is release day, after all.

- Mean Jellybean

June 2, 2011

Hello, and welcome to our shiny, brand-new website. We are in the final days of preparing our first game, Super Bride and Groom, for release. Check back here soon. We are aiming for a mid-June launch date.

- Mean Jellybean

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